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Minor tool gloat II

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  • Minor tool gloat II

    Some more boot sale items from yesterday morning in Sully.

    Boxed Eclipse Drill Sharpener & Clarke Paraffin gun £2

    Oxy/Fuel burning/circle cutter and some Dormer/Presto drills £7

    Dies & stocks, only really wanted the 1-1/2" one but couldn't resist the rest; £15
    2x LAL rest unbranded but nice.


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    Three Slocombe Metric Micrometers and a random mic frame
    1x Presto Whitworth thread file new
    Asstd Whitworth taps
    Assorted drills some Dormer
    2x New boxed Moore & Wright Micrometer Barrels
    Set of Cylinder gauge blocks in Chammy Leather lined box



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      Liked the finds, esp the horstman rollers, very useful with a set of slips, where is this boot sale, Cardiff?


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        Thanks Mark, it's Sully Car Boot Sale off the M4 at Jcn33 get onto the A4232 take the Barry/Penarth turn, along the A4055 then just past "The Merrie Harrier" turn onto Redlands Rd. (B4267) then as you start to come through Sully along Lavernock Rd. look out for the Sports & Social Club on the left over 400 sellers last Sunday.

        I didn't know they were Horstmann gauges.

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          Thanks Paul, I need or should I say SWMBO needs to go to ikea so that's on the way, last good market around here used to be stormy down aerodrome (so close I'm looking over it from cefn,) closed down many years ago,
          Many thanks for the directions
          I recognised the horstman rollers straight away as I used to have some, also horstman balls, they went away, shame, my slip guages were made by them too.though I didn't use them that much in honesty except the odd bore measurement



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            I had one of the paraffin (kerosene in the former colony's) sprayers, threw away the can, blocked the suction connection and it makes a nice long air gun.


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              What would you spray kerosene on and for what purpose?


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                well done


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                  Originally posted by mikem View Post
                  What would you spray kerosene on and for what purpose?
                  Along with a cig lighter you can get rid of wasp nests in the eaves that are too far to reach.
                  "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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                    In the old days it was the way a lot of shops cleaned the old oil off their machines. Spray it on, let it soak a bit, wipe down.
                    Kansas City area


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                      I have used sprayers for both "Gunk" & "Jizer" they will also spray "Waxoyl" when it's warmed up and/or thinned with a drop of White Spirit with the pressure wound up.