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Tips for parting 2" 1144 Steel?

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    Use the tailstock center for workpiece support until almost through the piece. Once you get the cut nearly finished you could finish with a hand held hacksaw.

    I don't know Myford's at all, but it does appear to be a challenge to do large diameter parting on such a small lathe. It's even a challenge for the small chuck to hold such a part securely enough for parting.


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      Just be thankful it's 1144.

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        Use a dial indicator to make sure your parting tool blade (not just the block holding it) is exactly perpendicular to the lathe axis. This is very important.

        Make sure your tool is exactly on center height. Also important, although not as much as being square (above).

        On a small lathe with a threaded spindle it makes a lot of sense to make a rear mount toolpost and hold your parting tool upside down. I had no luck parting on my old South Bend 9" lathe until I did that. I got the castings for the T-slot table and rear toolpost from Andy Lofquist, first rate stuff.