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    I am a CAD teacher at Traverse City Central High School.
    I just picked up a CNC Hartford mill, with no power supply and no controller and missing one stepper NEMA 42 drive motor. I had looked at a controller card from Machine Master for $1995 but that was only the PC card. It seems like such a shame to go back to turning cranks when I have access to Master Cam and all it's capabilities.

    I just found some info from Flashcut CNC, they have size NEMA 42 stepper for $595 and their 12amp 3 axis stepper drive box goes for $4295. I don't think I am ready to spend that kind of money to go to CNC. I would very much be interested in any suggestions anyone might have?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Dear Sir:
    Depending on how you feel about do-it-yourself projects, there is a lot you can do.
    You would need:
    1) DC Power supply, parts cost maybe $300
    2) Stepper motor, cost around $300
    3) CNC controller, cost from $50 to $1000
    4) PC, used, cost $100
    5) Cabling, cost $100
    So maybe $1000 would get you a CNC!I would be pleased to discuss thie further if you wish!
    Jack C. Cain
    [email protected]
    PS: Do you have the stepper drivers, (3)?


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      pat bearss:
      Check with great guys, and they might be able to cut you some slack because it is educational. All you can do is get in touch and find out what you can.