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  • OK--- For youse auto gurus----

    2011, 3.6 Caddy V6 motor, decent maintenance for 111k miles, no problemo. Now, motor noisy with knock sound. Shop says 'bring money, lots of it'. Any historical problems with this particular motor, or is it a case of 'crap happens?' Don't need own a Cad or the experience but car is for sale, cheap.

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    What type of oil was ran in it? and did you change the diet when you got ahold of it?

    oh just re-read you don't own it.
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      Is it the same Chevy V6 with the split intake manifold that leaks water into the crank case ?

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        No personal experience with the Caddy but a quick look-see brings up this:

        I just got a "Customer Satisfaction Program" letter from GM stating that GM's 3.6 liter V6 (the engine used in the Camaro, Saturn Outlook, LaCrosse, Cadillac CTS, and several other cars) is showing premature wear of the timing chain. A quick check of the web turns up that many who own this engine are experiencing troubles all the way up to the engine fragging.

        I have heard that timing chains are an issue, not sure if this is what you are experiencing.
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          They used plastic sprockets for the cam shaft drive. These wearout in approximately 100k miles.
          Replacement cost with labor about $300.


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            I would suggest searching/posting on I've found the people there are very knowledgeable about caddy engine problems.


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              We have a saying in the car collecting hobby- "There's nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes". My experience has been that Caddy is not far behind



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                It would be best to list the make and model of car so we know what engine code or name it is for research. Something more than a 3.6l V6.

                My coworker had an STS around that same vintage. He blew it up.

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                  You can usually tell a rod knock from a crank knock but I'd run away & keep the $$ if you can't or don't want to do the work yourself.


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                    Im guessing when you say "crank knock" your talking "loose mains"

                    both a rod knock and loose mains are just as expensive to fix, both a tear down and a crank re-grind and all new bearings both rods and mains

                    Actually loose mains are pretty rare in comparison to rods going out, mains all run in the same line and there's lots of strength in that, they are also first in line in oil delivery, rods can individually decide to "shell out" and then the next step is pumping one through the block,

                    Mains can get very loose with rarely any consequences to self destruction and taking out the block, that is until they get so loose that they effect oil pressure - and then still they will continue to trudge on whilst the connecting rod bearings shell and the rod welds itself to the crank and then blows out the side of the block, just a trickle down in oil feed economics, the rods get fed through the mains, the mains can gush through the sides in large quantities - they still get fed but transfer little if any to the rods at that point esp. in the lower RPM range where pressure is at it's minimum to begin with.