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    Originally posted by Willy View Post
    No I'm not editing the photo out of this quote, only because I want to emphasize how much of a troublemaker Andy really is.

    Carl Kiekhaefer however would be proud to call you his son.

    Quite and interesting fellow! The first to use paper air filters they say.

    Don't waste your time watching this while your wasting your time sitting on the couch browsing the internet.


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      Without knowing what I'm clicking into I won't. Can waste my time and get a virus. No thanks.

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        Originally posted by Catshooter View Post
        Without knowing what I'm clicking into I won't. Can waist my time and get a virus. No thanks.
        Well, you never really know what you are clicking on from the description. I could put up a great description for a video, then link to an infected site. You should think before you click, but I'd be more concerned about the URL itself than the description.

        Any YouTube link should be safe. Nothing is perfectly safe, but YouTube and the advertising it carries are unlikely to be malicious. A bigger risk is URL redirectors like tinyurl. You have no idea where they will take you, and they are the ones I am less likely to click.


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          I've spent many an hour gratuitously clicking on some of the most inane stupid crap thinking it's going to teach me somthing, only to discover it didn't, one more wont hurt, mum was right, that tv will melt your brain.