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OT: What's A Good Brand of Auto Battery

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  • OT: What's A Good Brand of Auto Battery

    I am sick and tired of Die Hard batteries. They always live up to their name and die hard. I believe I need a new battery on my wife's Volvo and am not sure of where to get a good one. Any advise on the best brands?
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    The only tests are from Consumer Reports. I subscribe to this -- you may not be able to see this without a subscription. Its worth it.
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      I've switched from the old style lead/acid batteries to AGM batteries, specifically Optima brand, and so far I've been happy with them and everybody who I know uses them (albeit a small group) is happy with them too. I have one ready for my summer vehicle, a 2006 Nissan X-trail that's still on the factory lead/acid battery (just turned 26,000 km ). My 1994 truck was switched over a couple or so years ago and has given excellent service year round. So far so good but time will tell if they outlast the old lead/acid ones.

      I know...not much help.
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        I just replaced the original battery in my 2006 Dodge Dakota, it didn't fail, but I think
        I would be pressing my luck, not to replace. I purchased another Mopar battery from the Dodge dealer.


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          Originally posted by metalfixer View Post
          I just replaced the original battery in my 2006 Dodge Dakota, it didn't fail, but I think
          I would be pressing my luck, not to replace. I purchased another Mopar battery from the Dodge dealer.
          That is where I go anymore as well. I get routinely 10 yrs on my OEM batteries that come with new cars. Currently at 10 yrs on a OEM VW battery. I will buy a new car or truck and drive the wheels off and then buy another so I own them at least 15yrs or so.
          So when my batteries go bad I buy from the dealership. They cost more but it has been my experience they do last. My 2 cents.


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            I still have the original OEM battery from 2002 Toyota Camry. It is weak now, but it never failed. I took it off the car as a precaution after 7 years. Its replacement lasted almost 8 years. It is EverStart Maxx-24FN from Walmart. Finally one cell got shorted, so the battery voltage became 10.5V, but it still would start the car. Today Walmart offers 3 years free replacement plus another 2 years prorated warranty. It is short of former 8 years prorated warranty, but it was the best deal for the money I was able to find.

            I was a Consumer Reports subscriber for many years. I still have 2 years remaining, but that is it. The magazine now is not what it used to be. A bunch of women took it over and it became just another women publication. They did not publish any battery reports for several years and I probably would not trust a new report from them anyway.


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              Consumer reports is BS if you KNOW the subject, but if you don't it might be useful.

              They always rated Volvo very low, due to cost of maintenance, I disagree with that. I never agreed with ANY ratings when I actually owned the thing they rated, and that was 30+ years ago. Doubt they have improved any.

              If you have no clue, and can accept nearly anything that is reasonably decēnt, the ratings will get you there, and avoid real dogs.
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                I work on Volvo's and euro cars for a living. We run intestate batteries in them with very good results. Optima batteries used to be good, but their quality control has gone down the tubes. Another good option is Odyssey batteries. Keep in mind, a lot of issues with batteries can be contributed to driving style (constant short drives vs long drives, climate, and how often you drive, etc).

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                  Batteries are hit and miss. Even with consumer reports and actual user reviews, any particular brand or unit can run the spectrum.
                  The best bang for the buck seems to be the EverStart/Walmart brand (currently made by Johnson Controls). They seem to be just as good as anyone elses and are notably less expensive. I pay attention to the weight when comparing batteries, and I always get the largest group size that will fit in the vehicle. My truck (F-150) came with a less popular group size from the factory and I was able to get a bigger battery for less money than the stock size.

                  I had always been a fan of Consumer Reports, and I suppose there is still a place for the current permutation of the magazine. As a safety crusade run by a group of people who seem to have little actual grasp of the mechanical world (it does give the impression that young women are in charge), it offers relatively little of use to me, these days.
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                    Originally posted by foxmxrcer View Post
                    Optima batteries used to be good, but their quality control has gone down the tubes.
                    yep they are not what they used to be. When Johnson Controls had them they were awesome batteries.


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                      Yes, Optimas are no good now. Die Hard Platinums were good, but no longer available. Have heard/read good things about Interstate.
                      A thing to consider is if you have to take advantage of warranty, will you be able to find a store if traveling?
                      I went with the top of the line from O'reillys auto parts. They compare favorably, have a good warranty/specs, and the stores are anywhere I would likely drive my truck, ie western US.
                      Many batteries are from same manufacturer and simply rebadged.

                      I had a Toyota OEM in my 2006 truck... just replaced it. It was still working fine.


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                        I replaced the AGM battery in my 2005 Dodge magnum last fall. I got whatever O'Rileys sells as a replacement. Also AGM type. I don't think any aftermarket battery will be as good as the OEM, having the same experience with an old 96 Plymouth which also lasted over 10 years. Seems like more and more, they just want your money and don't give a crap about the quality. I also stopped buying DieHards 20 years ago.

                        The cost however is up there, no matter what.


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                          Was told that there's actually less than a handful of companies left that make all the lead acid types, they just label them different names...

                          im due for another one and was thinking of getting an Interstate, think that's about best i can do around here.


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                            I went through 2 Auto Zone batteries in 5 years. I wouldn't recommend those.


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                              I haven't replaced enough to get a good sense of what's best but the Everstart Max (or something similar) I got from Walmart was a good price and I was able to get a larger model that still fit in the tray. Subaru consistently undersizes their batteries for some reason.