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    Originally posted by MattiJ View Post
    400usd sound lot more reasonable.
    The pricing scheme matches the discusting "tv-shop" infomercial style also...

    "Buy now and you get this 1200 usd product for only 399.99 dollars. And thats not all, if you buy right now you grt extra sofa pillow and drill set"

    Two different prices because there are two different models.


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      The Cole drill is just a drilling ratchet plus an "old man" all in one. With a crank.

      No idea what they cost new, I paid $25. I have used it, it works.

      Nothing like the advertised device, the Cole is hand powered, drills straight, and is made for larger drills. I do have a chuck for mine.

      They are for drilling away from electricity, when there is no other choice.
      CNC machines only go through the motions


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        Originally posted by Hal View Post
        They use to make something called a COLE Drill that worked as a portable drill press.
        I never saw one in action but some spoke highly of them.

        I have a Cole drill and have used it several times where I didn't have access to electric or was too large to get to the drill press. Worked great even with my dull drill bits.

        I paid $5 for it at a garage sale. It didn't have a chuck and the guy didn't know what it was. A suck to me!
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          It's a good bit more work to get it to drill with dull drills, but it will do , eventually......
          CNC machines only go through the motions


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            About 40 years ago a dutch contractor building rolling table systems had a device like this mounted on a a Metabo drill. There were cross drilling round and square tubing and it worked fantastic. They let me use it and I was so impressed I tried to buy it off them. I asked the guy to buy me one in Holland and bring it back on his next trip but he never did. About 10 years later Hougen the guys that make the Rotabroach introduced one. It was aluminum and plastic and sucked so bad I wrote them a nasty letter asking how they could destroy their name with a piece of crap like that. They gave me my money back. Never saw them again. I drew up a Cad drawing of one and actually bought aluminum and a section of rack gear and a pinion intending to build my own. But I never got it built. I still want one, I still have the drawings. That one is crazy expensive and a much smaller one can do 99% of the tasks where that one will work. I'll send my drawings to anyone willing to take a crack at it. But you have to make two, I'll buy the second one!