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Cushman Minute Mizer Modded! Warning You Tube links below :)

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  • Cushman Minute Mizer Modded! Warning You Tube links below :)

    Just bought a newer Cushman with 129 hours & a Taylor Dunn almost carbon copies. I was looking for free manuals & ran across this guy who has a lot of common sense videos. This is the shortest & IMHO the best one on Cushman

    This one he installs Lithiam Ion Batteries, it's longer & as he finishes in winter not much action. My carts are the same but 30" wide & I'm going to use at least one as a mobility scooter. They are a blast as is but now I'm looking for bigger motors.

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    He did a nice job on the rebuild! I like the mods as well. Seriously simple carts. His comment about helpful for yard work is spot on. 48v? I haven't looked but I assume a person can get on that way.
    I have a TD SC-59 (also a B-59 which is a fixer). The SC was quite a find as it was originally 24v and someone converted it to 36v. Motor brushes were like new and it needed new batteries but it was and has been a great vehicle. It will also wheelie if you goose it. It also came with the rheostat type speed control which I prefer. Simple, easy to fix, and very reliable.


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      48 volt is the new standard for Golf Carts. It's still six batteries, 8 volt ones in series.


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        I'm looking for a 48v motor to mod at least one, maybe both.


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          I didn't catch if he mentioned what those battery cells cost. Any idea? I've got an older 36 volt cart that was a pain to keep charged. After the 36v charger went to heaven, I was charging each battery separately with the car charger. Two batteries finally wouldn't hold a charge so it's been sitting. I sure don't want to sink another $8-900 in batteries and charger so I was thinking of converting to a 10hp gas motor with a centrifugal clutch. I don't need it to go fast, just go. I used it a lot to spray the fence line, pick up the paper, mail and haul the trash cans to the front. I sure miss it.