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Nice little steam traction engine

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  • Nice little steam traction engine

    Hello Everyone:

    Just got back from the "Thresthermans Reunion" and had a very interesting time. It's held anually in Austin Manitoba. Here's the one I couldn't stay away from:

    For those who would like to see more of this streamer go here:

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    That's a sweetheart fer sure!


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      I thought it was great that he used Snow Mobile tracks on the driving wheels


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        Ooooo! Nice! Thanks for sharing with us.


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          Great Pictures !!
          There was a similar rig at the Cumming, GA show last November and I couldn't stay away from it either.

          Do you have any more pictures of the sawmill that you could post? I have not seen one set up quite like this.


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            Super neat,that kinda stuff takes alot of time,guess I'll have to wait til I'm retireded
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              The FLASH type boilers, they are spiral coils of schedule 80 boiler pipe with collectors on the ends. The heat goes through the spirals transferring into the water/steam. This is the most efficient type system I have saw. The next better system used DOWTHERM as a transfer meduim. I don't like that stuff thou.

              I want to build at least one in my life. I have someone calling me about a reclaimation system using methane off a septic system with added heat from natural gas. He wants to store heat and produce light electricity when his solar is down.

              I'd like a steam engine to turn my old lineshaft type drill press. Even if it ran on air it'd be neat.



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                Dave,I have you seen the waste heat setups that are out there? The simplist one I saw was a guy who ran two spiral coils of 3/4" soft copper tubing up the length of his woodstove flue pipe,from what I read he was able to make all the hot water and steam he wanted,had his safty valve set at 125psi,plenty to run a simple steam engine,neat thing would be to have a double or triple expansion engine to use the full cycle.
                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  Even if you just ran a small car altenator charging a battery. It'd be a improvement. When the heat is transferred inside the house it is "no lose" situation, it still heats the house.

                  The rental house we had in town, it had a boiler with radiators all through the house. I wonder if there would be a gain there? I am not sure what kind of system that was thou, probably just a hotwater heater. It sure heated the house well.



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                    Traction engine model on ebay


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                      Nice Sawyer-Massey.

                      Here's ours..

                      3/5ths 16-48 Russel with its older brother right beside it

                      1/3rd 65hp Case (22-48 Compound Advance and a 12t Buffalo-Springfield roller in background)

                      Full Scale 1916 50hp Case (mine)

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                        From someone who was raised in the suburbs all I can say IS WOW.

                        Never got to play on one of them, thou as a teenager I got to climb up into the General steam locomotive. I wished I had looked more and taken pictures.

                        It was on a side rail next to OUR street/drag strip we used. The granite slab is still there, thou the train has been stolen away.

                        ON the RFDTV show the steam tractor was pulling a 8 point turning plow. They said before it was reduced from 185 psi to 100 it would pull 12.. geeze.. now that is pulling power..


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                          Come out to our show next year and I'll personally see that you can do all the work you want to with me on these engines. If you or anyone else wants to, we'll have you on board the engines and operating them.

                          I've been working at this show for 25 years now. I'm a licenced operator and boiler inspector. We'd be more than happy to get ya on board and your hands dirty.

                          Send me an email if you want more info.




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                            Thanks for the interest and comments. I really enjoyed the show as it has been about 30 years since i last attended this one. I thought that i had lots of pictures of his sawmill but I don't. Lots more pics pf the show at:

                            Kansas Farmer I really like you pics as well. Thanks for sharing.


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                              For anyone in the Midwest the Badger Steam and Gas Engine Show(Baraboo, WI), is in a few weeks. I'm not affiliated with the show, but go every year. They've got an impressive setup. Threshing, saw mills, blacksmith shop, woodworking shop. Of course there's plenty of steam, and petroleum engines, even a few large stirlings. I have even found some good tools at various shows.

                              Kansas_Farmer what's required to become a licensed operator and inspector in your state?