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Wow is this well made or what? talk about heavy duty!

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    Originally posted by reggie_obe View Post
    It's not like it his first time posting with a meaningless thread title.
    I'm sure it won't be his last either.
    Please, don't be bagging on my homie Hosie,,, he's about the best natured guy on the site and while yes he has impeccable timing (lol) that's just him and he's been around here a hell of allot longer than you - some people are just kinda grandfathered into the place and others just kinda have to deal with it, so stifle it... thanks - have a nice day


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      Thanks for posting.
      I didn't like the vice but I enjoyed some of his techniques.

      People say I'm getting crankier as I get older. That's not it. I just find I enjoy annoying people a lot more now. Especially younger people!!!


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        That vice looks very stout. I also agree that the title may have been a little bit more descriptive, but not a big deal at all.

        Dan L
        Salem, Oregon


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          1) If the titles and links to a post are inappropriate, then I'm sure that George will let us all know.

          2) In the linked video, what specific blade is he using in that chop saw? Carbide? HSS? Tooth count?


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            I clicked on it on under my own will, seen how long it was - skipped to the end and seen the end result and was somewhat impressed that someone built it from scratch,,,

            but what i didn't do is click on it - then go "wahhh wahhh wahh" how come somebody made me do that? wahhhh.. whimper whimper whine whine...

            from now on play it totally safe so you don't get yourself into this kind of predicament K ? thanks


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              Sorry to rain on your parade but I don't think that it is at all well made or designed. The moving jaw is far too wimpy, and will bend if not very much force is put on it. The composite nature of the build welding up from chunks would be ok if there was any evidence of weld preparation but there isn't, so how much actual penetration is there?

              Superficially cosmetically it looks good and solid which is probably what they were aiming for, but it won't stand up to much real life heavy use


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                Seems a lot of work to make a seat.



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                  Yeah, I wouldn't want that vise either. Just edge welding does not make it stronger, it is only as strong as the penetration of any single weld joint. A lot of his stuff is kind of poorly designed, look at his roll bender.

                  Probably fine for woodworking though.


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                    I am trying to figure out what country
                    the guy building the vise is living in.
                    It looks like maybe he is in the middle
                    east or some place like that. Any ideas?
                    I did watch some of this guys other videos.
                    It is interesting to see how other people
                    approach designing and building things.
                    It helps me think outside my box.



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                      Nice video! That is quite a neat build!

                      I wondered how much money was in material there. Out of everything the one thing personally I would have done differently is used a beefier C-channel for the moving jaw. That is the weak point of the whole deal. I also wonder how many hours he has into it?


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                        Originally posted by Doozer View Post
                        I am trying to figure out what country
                        the guy building the vise is living in.



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                          Originally posted by tmc_31 View Post
                          God forbid someone post a meaningless title, shades of Practical Machinest.
                          That its one thing about PM that is excellent. This place has less rules (which I prefer) so no one can force anyone to use meaningful titles, but it seems to a rather basic consideration. Looking down the list of topics, the great majority do just that, so I'd say its the norm. Other than a test of wills, why would anyone fight the idea? Makes it better for all.
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                          in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                            His plasma tube notcher is kind of neat.


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                              Originally posted by Alistair Hosie View Post
                              I like this hope you do too. Alistair

                              Loser design. A backyard weld shop's impressive looking under performer suited for light clamping but a failure waiting to happen when challenged by hammer work or heavy clamping. For example, who hasn't use a vise as a press?

                              The presenter just happened to have all this cut to size material in a pile of scrap iron. Might be convincing if the material wasn't so obviously new and clean

                              All that illusory holding power restrained by a piece of spaghetti channel loaded flange down? Couldn't use ship channel? The jaws are tall. Clamping forces impose a big moment on the movable jaw. Tighten that vise beyond a certain point and the limber dick channel flanges start to buckle.

                              What happens when you load that soft steel screw in the soft steel nut - welded to the circular plate in a way sure to distort it? Keeping it lubricated and clean would be a high priority maintenance item if youy wish to avoid galling and possibly immobility.

                              And why is the ironwork 1/2" plate laminated endlessly when solid plate sculpted with plasma torch and grinder would not only be stiffer and stronger but quicker to shape.

                              The adjustable replaceable jaws are a nice feature but they are soft; soon to wear.

                              Nope, Nice workmanship wasted on a bum design. I'm not impressed at all.
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                                Originally posted by Forrest Addy View Post
                                The adjustable replaceable jaws are a nice feature but they are soft; soon to wear.

                                Nope, Nice workmanship wasted on a bum design. I'm not impressed at all.
                                I agree with your design assessment, but to be fair he did harden the jaws.