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Machine operation characteristics

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  • Machine operation characteristics

    As a hobbyist whose machine experience was from long ago and not all that long in duration, correct machine "response and feel" is always a
    guessing game.

    I truly enjoy YouTube for the ability to hear and see some characteristics but, obviously, no feel.

    One thing I always puzzle about is the feel of my mill when feeding.
    I can feel every time a cutting edge enters the material and can't decide if that's acceptable and what causes it.

    Is it normal to feel such sensations?
    Is it the POS mill or POS operator?

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    The force required to move a bit through air is a lot different than the force required to move a bit through metal.


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      Part of the feel depends on the size of the equipment.

      A small Seig X1 benchtop mill is less than 100 pounds and the table is relatively small, maybe 15 pounds, maybe a bit more. A bridgeport may have a 100 pound table. The bigger one is much less likely to transmit the feeling to the handwheel.

      At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

      Location: SF East Bay.


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        There is very much a feel back through the lead screw handle. But if I feel a distinct bump I figure it's usually because there's some runout and one tooth is doing the lion's share of the work. On end mills where all the teeth are running evenly I feel something but it's not a tooth by tooth feel. Well, unless it's a larger diameter multi tooth cutter. Then I can feel some of the "each tooth" feel due to lower speed.

        Flycutters, of course, very much do have a one bite per rev feel. If your multi tooth cutters feel too much like that then I'd check for sizable runout.
        Chilliwack BC, Canada


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          The sharpness of the end mill will also change the feel. I new , sharp mill will cut quite smoothly and quietly for a while. Once the mill starts to wear it will run a little rougher and thus transmit more vibration.
          Larry - west coast of Canada