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Giant turkey baster/syringe for sump cleaning

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  • Giant turkey baster/syringe for sump cleaning

    Last summer I was looking for turkey basters to clean some coolant and oil sumps. My local dollar store, Dollar Tree was out of stock for the season. They had something better - giant syringes, for kids to squirt water at old people.

    They're about 2' long and around 1" dia. They only cost a buck. I found some variation in performance and implementation, so testing the draw before purchase is recommended. Getting a hose attatched to the tip can be tricky, if you need that. They're amazing for sump suckin'.

    They're called H2O Blasters. They're probably only in stock while it is warm in your area.

    Bulk H2O Blasters Plastic Water Squirters, 26 in. at

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    Those might also be useful for adding light hydraulic oil to bottle jacks or manual pumps (portapowers). Those often have a teeny little hole in the side. I don't know where a DT is near me but I've seen many of them so I'm sure I can find one.



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      The thing about dollar stores is that no two have the same products. They tend to buy whatever is available as overstock and "bid on the boatload" items.

      I'm not putting them down. We have the same problem at Costco. When they find a good buy they may buy 10,000 units of a fantastic product and then never, ever, ever have them in stock again.
      At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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        Thanks, but I'm already covered.
        And yes, you can make it yourself for less.

        More volume - less pumping: