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    What was the name of the software you used to find the name and address of the recent spammer/software pirate?

    I recently received an e-mail from one of these jerks posing as CITI-Bank. They wanted me to verify my account information. The jokes on them, I don't bank with CITI!


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    In that case the spammer had a domain name so I looked up the registration information on the WHOIS database.

    In the case of the spam you received this won't work and it isn't likely that you will be able to find the source. 70% of all spam is now being relayed through compromised home computers. If there is a URL in the spam it will almost certainly be spoofed or the true address will be hidden by a variety of tricks. Just keep in mind that you should NEVER conduct any sort of financial business via e-mail. Never click on a link in an e-mail to go to an address that requests any sort of personal info. E-mail is no more secure than a postcard and can be read by anyone at any of the many computers it passes through.

    Even if you did bank at CITI Bank they would not send you such an e-mail, they know better. The only safe way to go to an address to conduct business online is to type that address yourself in the address bar.

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