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atlas with V-ways?

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  • atlas with V-ways?

    Stopped at neighbor's house (His dog wanted to get friendly with mine, brought her home) Anyway, he has an old lathe sitting almost buried in a corner, looked 'light' but had V-ways, said 'Atlas Kalamazoo Mi' on the QC box, I've never seen an Atlas that didn't have flat ways, just wondering when Atlas made a V-way lathe? Or is it a different 'Atlas', (But then, how many people would choose to make lathes in Kazoo??)

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    Maybe someone fitted an Atlas QC gearbox to a different lathe.
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      Well Atlas bought out Clausing in the early 50's and put their name on some of the Clausing Lathes.

      I have a "Atlas-Clausing" 6300 model which has V ways and actually came from the Clausing 200 design of the 1930's

      And Yes, the quick change box says Atlas
      It is really a fine Lathe. It has a sealed oil bath saddle , oil bathe quick change box, and the headstock is oil bath.
      The Lathe change gears had anti-backlash units for low noise on the gears, and the Headstock can handle 5 C collets.
      It is considered a gun makers lathe because of the large spindle bore (1 3/8")

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        That wouldn't be Ron McConkey's lathe, by any chance would it?
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          Thanks! Browsing the site, it seems to be a Clausing 100/atlas 4800 series.
          Apparently the Atlas badge itself was only used for the first year or so after Atlas purchased Clausing. looks like this one:

          I should have picked up on it because I knew of the Atlas/Clausing connection, but in my defense I've only seen Clausing lathes like the 10 ( ) and newer more squared off 6300 like Rich Carlstedt linked.