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anyone have a Wiedemann R-2 turret punch?

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  • anyone have a Wiedemann R-2 turret punch?

    I just rescued one of these yesterday. It was a buddy's. He had two of these turret punches and probably took the best of both selling off what he didn't need. It is fairly complete, missing only one punch holder, punch and die. I'm just looking for other owners who are willing to exchange emails occasionally in mutual support. My buddy has a fair amount of surplus tooling for this machine if anyone is looking for any punches and dies for it.

    Mine came with the original cast iron table which is heavy. The machine itself is quite heavy for a benchtop machine. It took some doing to get it into and out of the back of my little SUV, my poor imitation of a work truck. Below is a pic of the unload. You can see how the thing is about as big as an old V8. - metalmagpie

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    First to weigh in. YOU SUCK.

    Color me jealous


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      Second to weigh in, that looks beautiful. I just bought a small smart and brown one, and also have an air operated one smaller that. Wow yours which is the absolute business ,your a good one alright God bless brother Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        Operated a Weidemann for about a year, many years ago, but it was a little bigger. Had 55 stations and was NC controlled, had a punched tape reader and a sheet loader/unloader. Some nights it ran well, others not so well. The sheet handler was very temperamental at times.
        North Central Arkansas


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          Nice haul!We have a similar version at work,very handy machine.
          I just need one more tool,just one!