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Need help with disassembly/assembly of Cincinnati no. 3 ? Center

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  • Need help with disassembly/assembly of Cincinnati no. 3 ? Center

    The guy I bought my mill from gave me this Center. It had a tin tag on it stamped Cinn. no.3 center and some other numbers but I can't find any corresponding numbers on the center itself.

    Anyway I know part of my problem getting the thing apart is the rust but I have had it soaking in a combination of things to
    free it up/remove rust. Some pieces are free and moving now at this point.

    The Horizontal adjustment does move forward but doesn't seem to want to move backward as easy, I have to seem to push it
    back while I'm cranking the handle. I'm not sure if there is that much backlash or I pushed it out past where the lead screw
    engages and it's not pulling it back or what ? I guess knowing how it should operate correctly would be a big help.

    The vertical adjustment is unstuck, I'm not sure I want to use the word free at this point. The adjustment knob will turn but
    only a little and not a full turn. I tapped on the vertical center section and got movement, at this point the knob turned more freely. When I tapped it back into the place it was before the knob locked up again. I'm wondering if there's a rack and worm gear in there or what ?

    The only disassembly I have done at this point are the nuts, handwheel, and tapered pin in the vertical knob I'm trying to remove.
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    Sounds like the centre thread bolt has disengaged, hopefully not stripped, travel on those isn't much from memory, you don't really need it I suppose as your moving the whole thing along the tee slot, mine has a key that sits in the slot sort of arrangement.


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      Got pics posted

      Ok so I followed george's post on creating an album, then using that URL to paste here but what a PITA.

      I guess this is also a bump.