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Unknown Cutter mount

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  • Unknown Cutter mount

    What is this mount? I have a bunch of these cutters brand new and no idea what they mount too. Some type of quick release whatever I suspect. Couple of sizes - this is the larger shank.

    Markings are PK 120-3106 1 1/16 M-7. The 6 might be a G...

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    60 views and nothing? do I have to go and ask over at PM?

    more info -the center is hollow - looks like for a guide pin.


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      Yep. Looks like PM may be your best bet. I tried searching by image, phrase and number, to no avail.

      Is it an annular cutter?

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        It is one of the proprietary shanks used on counterbores. If my memory is reliable I think it is the Eclipse radial drive. I have several that are similar. If you do not have the holder it is possible to mount it in a collet.


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          Dan: nope... solid body cutter (like an EM but with a hole in the center); looks like a counter bore.

          Illinoyance: It only has 3/8 of body to hold... thought about it often, but just doesn't seem like a good idea.

          I have about 20 of them... different sizes. oh.. had them for at least 6 years
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            I suspect router of some sort, that is what someone said about the one I have.


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              doing a google image search on "Eclipse Radial drive" (from the post above) brings up a few hits that sure look similar to what you have there.



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                yes, Eclipse Radial drive counter bores!

                Now to figure out holder and make/find some pilots.


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                  and here are some holders - starting around page 45


                  uh oh... $$$$$

                  much better...
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                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      yep... many MT but few straight shank. I might have to turn or grind a couple of the MT3.