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Make your own water jet cutter?

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    Originally posted by Jaakko Fagerlund View Post
    People saying that a plasma cutter or a bandsaw is faster are completely missing the point of water jet cutters and not realising the pros/cons of each cutting method.
    yup, of the three, plasma laser and water jet, water jet has the widest range of use (cut anything, no haz, as accurate or more than laser) and the least common one used (slow and expensive)

    commercial units are what 60,000 psi? There was a water jet light being offered, around $5,000 iirc.....and I'm thinking it was around 5000 psi....but not 100% sure. I remember looking into and think it was a bit a joke - would only cut very thin and very soft items. The abrasive is expensive, is not reusable. The nozzles are expensive, filtration is needed and the water needs to be cleaned before disposing. You need a fairly substantial and accurate cnc gantry - to a thou say, as if it is wandering back and forth your kerf (and consumption) will be much more than is needed and it won't be as accurate as you are expecting . They will also fill a shop with grit - tiny amounts bounce of the surface, so it needs its own room.

    I'll be curious to see what you come up with, but imo its not a candidate for diy. Too complex and too cheap to outsource. Everytime I've thought of getting a laser or waterjet (have a 10x20 plasma) and do the math, they are so expensive to but also such a competitive market you basically can't make it unless you are running 2 me that suggests outsourcing is the best idea
    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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      > Diesel pump

      There are water-based "cutting fluids", of course, that aren't supposed to rust the naughty bits of your machinery. And similar water-based hydraulic fluids. And water-soluble oils.

      It should be possible to come up with a cutting fluid that would lubricate the pump and keep it from corroding... but I'd be mighty tempted to try cutting with Diesel fuel before I tried the water-based stuff.