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  • Power Hacksaw.

    I recently picked up a 1/4HP 1750rpm motor. I think I will use it to build a power hacksaw. I build one before using my 3d printer and some off the shelf parts. However this time I think I will be keeping the use of plastic parts down to a minimum. The 3d printed hacksaw is actually still functional and has been doing odd jobs here and there but I am not sure I like the design as the motor I am using is running on 19v and is basically overloaded as is with no weight added to the saw.

    In either case I figured I would share the 3d printed hack saw with you guys. I know its not steel, but when you have limited means you make due. Please let me know if this is ok to post otherwise I will remove it.

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    I like the look of it! Nice design.


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      A good combination of "off the shelf" and printed parts.


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        Nice job on the saw. I don't see any reason it won't cut anything you could cut with the saw by hand.


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          GLUG gave detailed pics on the one to build, Sweeeet
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