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Verticalised 4x6 bandsaw

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  • Verticalised 4x6 bandsaw

    I grew up in machineshops/prototypeshops that had only vertical bandsaws so I am very used to them and the mindset of using them for a lot of tasks.

    Of course I have one of the omnipresent 4x6 horizontal bandsaws with vertical capability. When I bought my 4x6 used, it came without the table and thats how I used it for years. Last year I added a sawtable to use it vertical and from that moment on I very rarely used it horizontal, so I decided to ditch the base for horizontal use completely and transform it into a vertical bandsaw only.

    So I welded up a table-frame out of 30x30x2 square steel tubing and mounted the bandsaw without the base onto it:

    Then I added some plywood to form sidewalls, a door and shelfes:

    With all the material in it it sits very stable, despite the tiny footpring of 350x400mm:

    I also removed the annoying 1 phase motor, the belt drive and the original gearbox and fitted a proper industrial 3phase geared motor:

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    I have been thinking about doing a conversion just like this. Thanks for posting....... I love it!


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      Very nice job,storage will be handy .Vertical saws are very versatile!


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        Nice. My Atlas flips up to be a vertical saw when that is wanted, but the little tiny table is way too small.

        I need to come up with a larger table assy for more serious usage as vertical, without messing up the horizontal use. How did you make it convertible and keep the large table?
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          We must have the same one. I think just make a larger table that pins or fastens to the small table will be quick & easy. Bought mine from the estate of the gent that worked at Atlas along with what has to be the 1st wood lathe in history, also an Atlas.


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            The little table is sheet metal... bouncy with a. bigger table and work on it.

            IIRC it is a 4353.
            CNC machines only go through the motions


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              Hi Stefan,
              Nice job on the lower cabinet, too. Band saw a must tool for the shop.

              Brian U


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                Thumbs up - way up!



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                  Nice job. Thanks for reminding me- I have materials on hand to make a vertical bandsaw- just haven't gotten around to it yet.

                  I have the 4x6 and use it both ways, but there is the compromise- when using it as a vertical the bed gets in the way of easy use. Many hours I've spent there, canked to one side when I'd rather stand right in front of it. Also the table on mine is small to allow for horizontal use without having to change anything.

                  I'm hoping that my build will overcome more than a few disadvantages of this combo machine- but I can't knock the combo, it has cut a lot of materials for me.

                  Anyway- Stefang that's a nice clean looking machine you got there.
                  I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                    Really nice build. Enjoyed the pictures. That is a wet gear box? Looks solid. Umm? Where did you steal that perfect door from? Nice cabinet and your shop, tidy and prolly very fun to work in... Thanks for the tour.


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                      Re problem of standing beside normal bandsaw when flipped up. Somewhere on the web, perhaps on here, there was a picture of someone who made a seat for the main bed when the saw is up so he could straddle it and saw in comfort.


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                        I absolutely hate my 4x6. I think I should do what you did, but not before I replace the bushings with bearings on the wheels, and fix the tracking issues.


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                          I did what Baz mentioned. Made a hinged vertical table that rests on the lower blade support, is clamped in the vise, and has a hinged extension to sit on. Works well, gives a large table for vertical work, provides a comfortable working position, folds up flat for storage, takes about 30 seconds to mount/dismount. Takes about half an hour to make out of MDF. Costs about $5.


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                            I like the saw, looks nice and handy. I use mine upright about 20% of the time so still need the cut off capability.
                            Can I ask about your floor? Is that ceramic tile? If so how do you like it for a shop environment?
                            Looks clean and bright. Under floor heat?


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                              > came without the table

                              Mine came with a piece of stamped 18-gauge sheet metal that had been tossed loose into the box. It had been pretty much mangled as the bandsaw had shifted during shipment. There were no mention of the loose piece in the instructions or the exploded view, so I threw it away.

                              It was fully ten years later when I discovered the piece of thin sheet metal was probably supposed to have been the vertical table.