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    The arms are standard LocLine. Probably two LocLine #40413 "1/4″ Hose Assembly Kit". Little pricey, you can find knockoffs that are cheaper but not really as good.

    The alligator clips were just what I had, there's a bolt run into the back of them, and then covered in heat shrink. Very secure even though it wouldn't seem like it.

    See here:


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      Originally posted by Mcgyver View Post
      I think those awful alligator clip third hands are universally despised....the problem is so prevalent (work holding) that we all felt their purchase irresistible at some point.
      Make up a set, or several sets of various sized clamps similar to those used on fly tying vises, then mount to indicator stands, those and a chunk of steel should work for most jobs.
      I have two of those in the first pic, bought one, tried it once and never touched it again, second was a gift from someone who knew I was into electronics.