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Kennametal fix perfect shell mill info required

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  • Kennametal fix perfect shell mill info required

    I have seen a large Fix Perfect shell mill for sale at a good price. The problem is that I cannot find information as to which inserts it uses and the part number of the insert pins that it uses.
    It is new old stock approximately 6" diameter with a part number of MS 50884D.
    We already have a 63mm Kennametal 3 tip and a Hertel 80mm 6 tip which use different tips and pins and if the big one had some common parts, I would go for it. It would make a good fly cutter with just 2 tips in it, I think it can hold 12.
    I haven't been able to find an old enough Kennametal catalogue.

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    Why not ask the seller ?

    Green Bay, WI


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      One thing to understand about facemills is that the geometry of the inserts has changed dramatically in the
      past few years. Most older facemills relied primarily on horsepower to force their way through the material
      they were cutting and few had much in the way of chipbreakers. Newer facemills are expensive but with the
      freecutting geometry of most of the inserts they are a world of difference to use...
      Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...


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        That is one huge advantage of this type of face/sloulder mill for aluminium, that it cuts with no apparent effort. That said, however, the parts and inserts are proprietary and not cheap, hence my hoping that it shared commonality with the existing inserts stocked.
        If you have never used one, you would have no idea how well they cut.