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Lathe "practice" stainless steel rebar???

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    Our State Highway Dept. requires it in any project that is exposed to salt air. we even used it for the light pole bases and j bolts to secure the light poles to the footings. I didn't try and machine any but to cut it with the sawzall would go through blades faster than regular re bar, if that tells you anything. If you do try and machine any let us know how it goes.

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      My lathe is a Sheldon exl 10" circa 1954. Not a 5000 lb causing but not an Asian mini lathe.
      I have a very limited amount of carbide insert tooling. I may give it a try but I'm undecided.

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        don't use carbide. you will beat it to pieces.


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          Originally posted by bob308 View Post
          don't use carbide. you will beat it to pieces.
          And I would have said that don't bother to even think about HSS.

          Have to admit that I have never had a change to cut SS rebar on a lathe but it doesn't look any worse than cutting or parting square bar or a big bolt head.

          Cold milled and work hardened is only a plus on my eyes, less gummy than the usual 304.
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