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O/T Power inverters from dc to ac.

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    I've always been intrigued with the old glass/iron batteries some in use for 100+ years. For a Solar, wind or any off grid system they seem to me to be able to be made my most anyone. Here's what they get for new ones but it's not rocket science


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      The good news is those are nearly indestructible, at least electrically.

      The bad news is they are inefficient, and lose stored energy at a faster rate, both as compared to lead-acid. Those linked folks admit that.

      They do tell "marketing lies".....

      Lead acid is certainly not a maintenance nightmare in any way.

      Old L-A batteries are not "boxes of useless sludge".

      Life is often much longer than the low numbers they give.

      And, you have your choice of acid in L-A batteries, or a strongly corrosive base (think lye) in the Edison battery.
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        Here's some more info
        I've had lead acid deep cycle 6V last 12+ years if maintained properly.


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          My first set of Trojan lead acid batteries were replaced at 14 years. I replaced them out of an abundance of caution. They were still working.
          My second bank of Trojans are 6 years old and they may outlast me.
          My solar panels keep the batteries charged all winter when I am not there.
          The key to long battery life is buy high quality and never let them discharge below the manufacturers specs. Charge with a smart charger helps too.
          I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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            I have three inverters. Small (150w), med (1300w) and large (7000w). I like them all.

            The small powers my bose sound dock while charging the ipod and cranks the sounds.

            The medium powers well, not much, haven't used it yet. Still new in the box from 1991. But it has to be good, its made in Scotland (any Scots here??).

            The large one powers my house from solar panels.. JR

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              Powerstar is the 200 watt I mentioned 1st, no fan, never gets hot I just couldn't remember Ireland or Scotland, close to 30 years old & ran the cabin at one time 7 cfl lights $35 gor a 35 watt back then & a ceiling fan. Would run 2-3 days on a truck battery then we started the truck & switched batteries. Very simple but you know I couldn't leave well enough alone & just kept going. I bought 2 50,000 watt inverters on Ebay about 5 years ago cheap & new but never unboxed the beasts. Was going to do solar & wind but just got my electic bill of $93 today & half of that is fees so no payback in my lifetime as I can't do the work myself anymore but I enjoyed doing several camps as nothing worse to me that going north & hear a genset run 24/7.