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  • Metal working web site with links

    This is an interesting web site with a lot of information on metal working and related items. Since we all seem to have a lot of extra time you might want to visit it and see what is there.


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    1st link I clicked "Rusty Tool Restoration" sent me to a site advertising date rape drugs and steroids, then gave me a trojan, which my firewall caught.


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      The one on "the making of a rifled barrel" was quite interesting. Anyway to check these before they are opened?


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        The metalwork links page was last updated in May of 2003. The domain for the rusty tools website ( and the page it now leads to was registered in November of 2003. What happens is that if a domain is allowed to expire (, particularly one that may have been both safe and popular, it is immediately bought and reregistered with other, usually less desirable content. The idea is to trade on the popularity of the previous content to lure people to the now garbage content. It's a trap. It is not the intent of the owner of the metalworking links page to trap you but it is the resposibility of someone providing a links page to regularly check the links and be sure they are still active and point where they should.

        It would be a good idea to e-mail the wemaster of the site and inform them of the change of content at that URL.

        Their e-mail is ****[email protected]****

        This sort of thing happens all the time and has resulted in considerable embarrasment for some organizations that have inadvertantly allowed their domain to expire. It has happened in the past that a religious organization has allowed their domain to expire and suddenly find it pointing to a porn site. Not much can be done about it either.
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          I have had the site bookmarked for a couple of years. Never ran into that kind of problem on the sites that I opened. Sorry about that, was just trying to give a place that had information on metalworking.