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    I am interested in one of these dry cutting saws.

    My application is to cut square or rectangular tubing square or 45 degree mitered cuts.

    The goal is parts ready to fixture and weld into a frame.

    Length tolerance of +- .04 inches and cuts square within .010 would be super.

    My abrasive chop saw and aged Taiwanese 4x6 Horizontal/vertical bandsaw are not capable of hitting the square spec.

    Tubes I would cut are .065 to .125 wall and 1 in to 2.5 inch square.

    I know a cold saw would do it, I would like to spend less if possible.


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      The single most obvious characteristic of my ancient cold saw it it's rigidity which may explain why modern versions are so expensive.

      Erich, my saw would be ideal for your application and in fact the first time I saw such a machine was in a small factory producing car frames where the owner told me his was the most useful machine in the shop. Able to cut two pieces of steel tube and expect them to be the same length, no abrasive contamination of the weld and of course gentle on the operator's hearing.
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        How long does it take a cold saw to make a cut in a hollow tube, say 50mm sq by 1.5 mm wall.


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          Erich, I did a test just for you, 60mm diameter steel tube (ext diameter) wall about 3.4mm took 24 seconds to cut.


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            Seems slow, I guess a 60mm square tube took about 8 seconds today, as said noisy, I had a mec brown cold saw, think 60 rpm or so, that was about 20 seconds, nice cut and quiet.