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    You need to be able to get a clear focus on the weld area at the distance you will be looking from. I find that my 'reading' varifocals allow me to focus down to 7" from the puddle (if I look 'over' my glasses, it's 4" ).

    I find that in my workshop, I can see much better than at the college where I have my welding classes. This is because I've got much better lighting at home, equivalent to about 2 Watts/sf of flourescent lighting. At home, I can see the work, the puddle and the hot-spot of the arc wandering about the puddle. At the college, with the lower lighting levels, I can see the arc and an mpression of the puddle.

    The ideal shade is that which allows you clear vision of the puddle without straining or hurting your eyes after a quarter of an hour or so. But with MIG and (much more so) TIG, being able to focus close has a large effect as well.

    Anyone over mid-40s in age without reading glasses might benefit from a cheater lens in their helmet. I get away with my current 'reading' varifocals because I bought them while I was still employed (last year...) for use at a keyboard and screen, but they are not ideal, since I have to tip my head to the correct angle to focus on the puddle. When I get new glasses, I'll also get two sets of cheater lenses for the welding mask. One for stick and the other for TIG/MIG.

    PS:- as a datum, I'm now 59, but started noticing that my arms were getting too short for reading the newspaper in my mid forties.
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      [QUOTE=Illinoyance;1120622... I noticed that a lot of room light was reflecting off the back of the lens and interfering with my ability to see the arc. I bought a square of black Nomex fabric. I put it on my head and press the headgear down over it Visualize an Arab. It blocks the ambient light and helps me see better...[/QUOTE]

      Me too. A towel like something over the head and back of helmet works wonders for the clarity of puddle.