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Band saw blade sharpening

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  • Band saw blade sharpening

    I've read many comments that re sharpening band saw blades is a non productive effort.

    With that, I recently purchased "used" a couple of blades for my Oliver band saw from a person that I do not wish to confront on the issue of sharpness. The blades were dulled, perhaps by contact with the table or the guides, who knows.

    However, I WANTED replacement blades , and the price was fair enough. '=)

    As the received blades were in need of keenness, I thought to devise a sharpening method. Making best of a difficult situation!

    I was Well rewarded!

    Using a dremel tool on the pedestal base (amazing! I could not find an image of this accessory!) With a small diameter mounted point in the Moto tool, set to the desired angle, and with the blade still on the saw, and the moto tool base sitting on the saw table..... whew! can the words project an image?

    It was a simple mater to manipulate the moto tool and the band saw blade to bring the mounted point into the gullet of each and every tooth.
    Of course, every other tooth was done on the first pass, with the alternate tooth geometry achieved by repositioning the moto-tool on the second pass.

    A pair of Magnifier lenses serving to aid the operation

    It took no more than 30 minutes of "concentrated" effort to put a good edge on a single 11 foot blade.

    I've been using the blade to some extent these past days, and I can say the effort is well worth while.

    I would not care to try such efforts on the 12-14 tpi blades, recently purchased for the Famco metal cutting saw, but 4-8 tpi. I'll do so again, and very likely will!

    I'm not one for photos, (i dream in black and white) but if more is needed, please ask.