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    Chrisnj are you a girl? Dunk the wrenches in a bucket of spirits and use them.
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      Originally posted by J Tiers View Post

      Do not put springs in ANY of the rust removers, the springs will be damaged.
      Hydrogen embrittlement? Same problem applies for hardened tools and tool steels. I think it just shows up way more frequently on springs since those are utilized very close to material limits.
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        I've dropped the occasional tool in my ultrasonic cleaner. I usually use Simple Green as my cleaning solution, and rinse the tool immediately afterwards.

        It's not for removing rust, but dirt and grime comes off quite nicely.

        It's a bad idea to put tools with moving parts in the ultrasonic cleaner. The vibrations might damage the tool.


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          Originally posted by MattiJ View Post
          Hydrogen embrittlement? Same problem applies for hardened tools and tool steels. I think it just shows up way more frequently on springs since those are utilized very close to material limits.

          Stress corrosion cracking, actually. The spring will be eaten through at the point of maximum stress.
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            Originally posted by Mike Nash View Post
            Some of my Craftsman tools I bought in the mid to late 70s were made in Japan. I know I have a bunch of wrenches that were. I have never had to replace any those either. I'm pretty sure they came as some sort of package deal like $99 Craftsman SAE (or metric) set with toolbox, wrenches, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, hacksaw, etc. I am not saying all of the tools in a particular set came from Japan. I want to say they mentioned "special purchase" or something similar.
            I just checked some of mine. The "set" of sockets and wrenches I originally bought from Sears all have either "forged in the USA" or "Made in the USA". I believe that was somewhere around 1974. The set didn't have larger items in it so I later added a Jet 1/2" socket set and sets of Jet imperial and metric wrenches to expand my tools. All of those were stamped Japan.

            So it would seem like there was a shift by Sears towards Japan gradually around that time. Then another around 15 years back towards even cheaper bargain bin junk.

            A couple of years back I just about cried when my good USA Craftsman 3/8" ratchet sprung apart and the inner ratchet piece could not be found. That ended a long and lovely relationship. It was with a heavy heart that I consigned the remains to the steel scrap bucket.
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              Oxalic acid bath.

              I've recently been allowed to take a room in our house for my "game room". It has a sliding door that goes to a large enclosed deck that will house my pool table. Anyway, lately I've been acquiring some of the toys I had when I was a kid for decoration around the room. Skateboards, snowboards, a unicycle (Don't laugh, I was good. I used to do rails on it) and most importantly the BMX bike I had. It was a 1981 mongoose. I recently bought one that was in pretty bad shape and needed a good restoration. I found this post about oxalic acid. This stuff is Magic. Some of the Chrome plated parts had some rust on them and I wasn't about to start replacing parts as anything for that bike is $100. Even a sprocket. Give this a look.


              Unfortunately I can't find the before pictures right now but trust me when I tell you this crank and sprocket were screwed. They were covered in Rust. Here is the after. I was blown away when I saw how that sprocket and crank came out.

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                Side note. I got this bike almost free. As i said it was a wreck. Now I've had offers upwards of $4000 and all I really did was spend time on it. Only thing I replaced was the tires and seat. I've spent about $250 restoring it (and lots of sweat and blood).