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Shop air: Black pipe on ceiling, do I drop my lines from there or black pipe half way

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    You'll want drains at both ends. At he compressor end and where the run ends. have your drops ocme off the top of the ceiling run.
    With the "Ts" facing up using nipple and 45s run your black iron drops high enough so as not to hit someone in the head. I use quick disconnects on the iron drops in case a rubber or plastic air line lets go.
    We have two 30,000$ air compressors at work. One is to supply shop air the other is to pressurize the floor. The owner 15 years ago decided that air lines clutter up the ceiling and ran the air lines under the floor. it didn't take long for the pipes to rot. Consequently air escapes through the cracks in the floor. When it rains heavily there is a nice mist keeping the employees cool from ankles to knees.


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      Why not use L copper? A lot easier to install, no corrosion.


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        This wouldn't apply in your case, but just to show how things can get out of hand ...

        I was in an industrial plant (large equipment painted yellow) a number of years ago. One of the supervisors said they'd used the summer down time to go through the air line system and fix what needed fixing. They knew service out towards the end wasn't up to snuff. What they were surprised to find was the number of pneumatic tools connected to the central argon system since it had dependable pressure.
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          For the air drops, I would tap air out about 3" from bottom and add a drain cock on the end cap.

          Have you ever been sprayed with oily water when attaching a tool to an air drop that hasn't been used in awhile? I have, it's not fun!

          Also, don't forget the pipe dope. It works so much nicer than Teflon tape.

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