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  • I'm excited

    I've been lurking around here for a while, and I had a subscription to HSM several years ago, but I just joined the forum recently.

    In the last few weeks I've purchased a Millrite in pretty good shape with very little wear, and a pretty solid South Bend 13" Toolroom lathe.

    This marks a big step for me, as I haven't really had enough room before for anything larger than small bench top machines until recently. I've got about zero experience using larger machines, but I suspect I'll spend less time frustrated, and more time making parts compared to the small low powered stuff I'm used to using.

    The Millrite is in the garage and leveled and I've got power run to it, but I haven't trammed the head yet. I think I'll be able to accomplish that alright, but if I can't figure it out, then I'll be back with questions about that.

    I haven't gotten the SB into the garage yet, that'll be a few weeks, I've got to move some other stuff out before I can make it fit, but I think I got a pretty decent tooling package with it, so hopefully I'll be able to get it making chips fairly quickly after I get it setup and leveled.

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    Bumping this thread back up the page. It got stuck in the moderation filter, for some reason.

    Congratulations on the new mill; they are pretty capable little mills.
    Traverse City, MI


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      Welcome to the best forum with the smartest people, except me


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        Thanks Guys! I'll be trying to figure a lot out as I go along, so I'll have plenty of questions.

        I'll also be trying to figure out what some of the tooling I bought recently is, and how to use it.


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          Welcome, lots of good info. and people here. Congrats on the Millrite. I used one for several years they are a good machine.


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            Originally posted by TMo View Post
            In the last few weeks I've purchased a Millrite in pretty good shape with very little wear, and a pretty solid South Bend 13" Toolroom lathe.

            This marks a big step for me...
            Thats a big step for a LOT of people! Congrats!
            Both big enough to do some real work, but not so intimidating that you won't use it.
            "Never bring a caliper to a mic fight"


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              Welcome TMo,

              As you will find out, there are very smart people here to ask your questions of. Do not take anything posted too personally as some have a sharp sense of hummer but all mean well.
              May I suggest that you post pic's if you have questions about tooling, as this really helps the answers that come your way.
              Good start for regular tool sizes.
              Look forward to what you make and have questions about.

              Mr fixit for the family


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                What? A newbie who bought proper machine tools? I'm impressed! Welcome!


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                  and OMG !!! look .. he already has his location entered.

                  Good Start !!!!

                  aaaaannnnd there are a few of us here with Millrites .. you'll be pleased.
                  John Titor, when are you.


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                    Thanks again everybody!

                    I'll have some cleaning up to do on the SB when I get it into the shop, but I couldn't turn it down for the price offered, and less than 20 miles from the house... It's coming with a pretty good compliment of tooling as well, and I know how that can all add up.

                    I had to travel 2 states over to get the Millrite, and getting it loaded and unloaded using a friends very worn out liftgate truck was... an adventure... And one I'd not soon want to repeat. One of these days I'll get a low trailer and a pickup truck to tow it with and such excursions will be more bearable.

                    I know that folks talk about machine tools like an addiction, and frankly I understand. My wife refers to my office as "Tony's home for wayward reloading tools". I think if I had a therapist, they would call it something else entirely...


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                      Welcome TMo !

                      You are now the proud owner of your first mill and lathe! Congratulations! You are about to experience both frustrations and exhilarations probably in equal measure for awhile, but in time the good experiences will surpass the bad ones. You have an excellent group of people here to help you find your way which was more than I had 50 years ago when I got into the trade so take advantage of it. I will always be glad to assist anytime I can.


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                        That's the two biggest purchases you'll need for the machine shop. So WELL DONE on that. But you are far from finished. There's still the other "supporting cast" to build up around these two leaders. But the big part is done.

                        Looking forward to you figuring out how to post pictures into your member's album and then link them to the posts.
                        Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                          Originally posted by BCRider View Post
                          ... But you are far from finished. ...
                          Yeah, no kidding on that. I'm already considering a T&C grinder.

                          That brings up a question though, Let's take the Millrite for example, at what point would you consider yourself "Fully tooled" for such a machine? Does "Fully tooled" ever really exist?


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                            Originally posted by TMo View Post
                            Does "Fully tooled" ever really exist?
                            The short answer is of course, "No"

                            At some point you have most of what you need to do the sort of work you like to do, but there seems to always be some additional do-dad that will make your work easier, better, faster, [fill in the blank], that you do not yet own and thus want to buy, or build. If you are doing this as a hobby, that's part of the fun, really.


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                              Originally posted by TMo View Post
                              Does "Fully tooled" ever really exist?
                              Sure, it's one of the five stages of being tooled.

                              Screwed tooled: This is how it starts. You have a machine with zero tooling. All you can do is turn it on and watch it spin.
                              Dis-functionally Tooled: You have enough tooling to machine part of a project, but not enough to be able to complete it.
                              Functionally Tooled: Though you may not be able to machine your project in the most efficient manner, you will be able to complete it.
                              Adequately Tooled: Not only can you complete your project, you can do it quickly and efficiently.
                              Fully Tooled: There is no longer enough room for you to enter your workshop.
                              Location: Long Island, N.Y.