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Safety equipment (PPE) while milling

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    Back in the day we just wore a lion skin and dinosaur sandals. Don't know what this newer generation has come too. Bunch of wimps.


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      Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
      For flip-flops, the chips don't need to be hot, if they are sharp..... and they generally are sharp.

      hey, look at the good side... the flip-flop they cut off of your mangled foot is not very expensive..... way cheaper than if you forgot and wore your Johnson & Murphy's when you dropped the chunk on your foot.
      The only time i wear boots out here is when i ride my motorcycles.


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        Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
        As for PPE in general....

        I think you can easily have too MUCH PPE, and be actually less "safe" than if you had less.

        Obviously sometimes it is necessary, as with foundry work, where even what looks like overkill may be hardly enough if bad stuff happens. But for milling, you need to look at the hazards, and see what covers the bad ones. Clearly, safety glasses are top of the list. And there are different types, some types do not even have side shields, some have basic side shields, some have close-fitting side shields,while others are more like goggles. With chips flying around, you don't want glasses that let chips bounce off your cheek under the glasses and into your eye.

        For that, a face shield is an obvious alternate solution, but is not without problems. It is not adequate protection by itself, usually, but if combined with approved safety glasses it may make seeing the work difficult. That may lead to problems and be less safe in general than using just the shield, or just the glasses.

        The chip shields sold with some mills are similar, making it more difficult to see so that it may be more dangerous with than without. Ditto for the lathe chuck covers that supposedly go over the work area. and stop chips.

        For that matter, I know a number of people who injured their backs lifting almost certainly BECAUSE OF those harnesses that used to be required when lifting things. I think they are now forbidden, at least I never see them now. They were worse than nothing, IMO.

        If you are just basically sensible, you will do better than if you armor-up and then think you are safe.

        No matter what safety item you come up with, assuming it still lets you do the work, I would bet that a credible different risk, that it does not account for, can be found.

        And then there is the question of whether you can still actually do the work with that stuff all piled on.
        Well said.
        The ONLY absolute must have in the shop when machine tools are running is a pair of safety specs.
        I've even removed the chuck guard on the lathe too as it gets in the way. In fact the only things in the shop these days that still run guards are the grinders.


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          Originally posted by 1-800miner View Post
          Back in the day we just wore a lion skin and dinosaur sandals. Don't know what this newer generation has come too. Bunch of wimps.
          The great thing about being self employed... I wear shorts and sneakers all day (and sometimes sandals if I'm just cycling the CNC). I may be stupid, but not stupid enough to carry something heavy above my feet or stand in the line of fire while working on my lathe. One step to the side (I have long legs) keeps me mostly chip free.

          And I wasn't calling the OP stupid. It's definitely harder to avoid chips on an open mill than it is on a lathe. I think pain is relative. I grew up (and still do) skateboarding, BMX (freestyle and ramps), racing motorcross, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, drag racing, etc. You name it I've done it. Even rode a unicycle for a while and still can at 43. You could say I'm an adrenaline junkie (or masochist as my wife says). She'll say "look at what the dogs did to me" and point to a part of her body where I don't even see red, nevermind scratches or blood.

          I've broken more bones than I can count, literally. Some of the worst injuries were Breaking my ankles (individually and once at the same time. I didn't tell the hospital about the one that wasn't mangled and displaced, I went to a specialist two days later who told me the other one was fractured. I refused anything but an air cast. No way you're sticking me in a wheel chair with TWO casts), broke my back in two places and went snowboarding three weeks later. I hit a small kicker (jump) and my body wasn't having the landing so I collapsed landing with my arm under me breaking ribs. Ugh, ribs... The worst. 3 solid weeks of hell no matter what you do. I've broken them at least 6 times, usually on handlebars of a dirt bike or quad. One weekend trip I crashed the four wheeler BAD. Me and the bike did countless cartwheels. I was 5th gear wide open when it happened. I ended up sitting indian style dazed and confused. The blunt end of a foot peg impaled my leg and on the way out the spikes (which of course I always had sharpened) pulled out all kinds of stringy meat. My buddy came running to see if I was okay and found me pushing the muscle strings back into the hole in my leg ( i guess I was in shock, but recall it like yesterday) He puked his brains out.

          I got back to camp, wrapped a clean rag around it with electrical tape and rode the rest of the weekend (two more days). By time I got to the doc he say's "you know better by now. I can't stitch that four days later"

          The night I broke my back. Two days later I was purple from knees to ribs. When the purple got worse my friends said the white area above my crack (the hematoma which didn't bruise) looked like the rock and roll sign, you know, middle and ring fingers folded with the other three fingers extended.

          And some horsing around. This camera man had balls, I told him I'd be within 6 inches of him. Yes, you can steer a wheelie on a quad. He didn't budge till I was RIGHT in front of him. And I do wear a full face when I'm planning on riding hard.

          Clicky ^^ (NSFW language. F-bomb)

          So back to pain being relative, I just brush off hot chips and carry on...
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            You are getting way too cozy here. If you are trying to come on to the forum members by presenting your ass, at the very least you owe
            everyone here dinner first.
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              My ass basically disappeared due to swelling. I thought we were mostly men here. Surely you've been in a locker room. That being said, if anyone is in the tri-state area of NY I'd gladly meet up for a drink and BS about shop stuff, but I'm not buying dinner. I have better game than that
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