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Motorized Chain Fall Parts ???

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  • Motorized Chain Fall Parts ???

    A friend dropped of this chain fall the other day in non working condition. I pulled the back cover and started to clean the contact points. Then I noticed a jumper wire was floating around on top of the contact block.
    After closer inspection I saw two what looked like brass pegs sitting down inside the switch. Come to find out they are two contact points that had come loose / broke off at the crimp and dropped down into the switch.

    So............. You can see the manufacturers name on the relay and the part number. Does anyone know of this Essex company??
    I called the number I found on the web but it's no longer in service. Perhaps they have been bought out, merged or something like that. Any ideas where I can get this relay???
    If all else fails I can try to solder the contact back in place.


    You can see in this picture how the points are staked at the top to the terminal lug.
    The points that connect to the blue jumper are the ones that broke loose.

    A little too bright but looking into the side of the switch, center slot, you can see what look like two brass pegs sitting on top of the mating contacts. If I can push them back up into the their holes I may be able to solder them to the contact.

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    JoeLee: I seem to remember delivering dies to a company called Essex Wire. Believe they are now Superior Essex Co.
    Hope this helps a little.
    John Burchett
    in Byng OK


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