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new carbide and holder arrived

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  • new carbide and holder arrived

    I had a thread on carbide a few weeks back about a tool holder and inserts from Bang Good. Well they arrived about two and a half weeks after ordered, look OK. I ordered the SCLCR 16MM holder with 10 CCMT inserts, $22.00 delivered. It would be hard to get a single name brand insert for that much around here. Figures that it just didn't fit. I skimmed off .010" on the bottom and it slid right into the BXA holder with no wiggle. The insert holder was tough but still machinable with HSS, no way to test the hardness but it seems OK. I tried turning some 4140 and the finish was good but not great, better with a higher RPM. Next I tried some Unknowium that had a good finish on it from the last time I machined it. It was OK, .025" deep at .004" feed so I up it to .006" feed and it was a bit better. Next I increased the RPM's to 1200 and it had a really smooth nice looking finish. The chip breakers worked well, the chips where coming off blue and hot especially the one that flipped up and landed inside my safety glasses on my cheek. It gets interesting when you try to get the glasses and chip off while trying to turn off the lathe at the same time.

    Good times.

    I ordered the CCGT inserts just to give them a try next.
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