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Eazy photo posting for regular guts like you and me

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  • Eazy photo posting for regular guts like you and me

    Six or seven years ago I posted a few pictures on the forum using the easy 15 step photo bucket method.Sometime it worked and sometime not. Then photo bucket became clogged with misdirection and pop up ads. Now for a few bucks a year or so,I use Tapatalk on my IPhone. I don't know or care if the pictures are pulled out of thin air or stored on the forum server. All I know is that tapatalk works very easy for me. I can start a thread and comment on my pictures simply by talking into my phone. After posting words and pictures directly from my Iphone,I usually go to my computer to edit the post because I don't speak clearly. Edwin Dirnbeck

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    Ya know .. you or someone else mentioned this the other day. I went and looked to see if it was doable on a desktop.
    I actually couldn't see a way. Thats a killer for me.

    But .. thinking about it ..

    It would be nice that take the pic (with phone) and send it off immediately
    John Titor, when are you.


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      Possibly try running an virtual machine, emulator or the SDK for a supported mobile OS?


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        I was actually trying it out .. to recommend to people .. but.. I will stop just short of
        loading an IDE to get tapatalk to work. Although it sure does look like that
        will do it.

        I personally have my own domain so am spared what is going on.
        Thank goodness !!
        John Titor, when are you.