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Anyone use these flexible drill bit shafts?

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    Originally posted by Highpower View Post
    Mine is a Snap-on. I'll have a look at it tomorrow and see how its wound - I've never paid any attention to it. It just works.
    Willy: I had a look at my Snap-On driver today. I bent the cable as much as I dared to try to get a look inside. It's wound so tightly I could barely see between the coils but I believe alanganes called it correctly. It looks to have an inner core that is wound in the opposite direction from the outer cable/shell. It's actually meant to be used as a driver for adjusting carb mixture screws, (low torque) but hasn't been used for that in quite some time now obviously. But I found it did come in handy for interior work too, as kendall stated so well.... "you can see or feel the fastener, but can't get anything on it".

    In fact I had to use it to install the tach sensor I mounted up inside the head of my milling machine because a standard screwdriver was too long to fit in the access opening, and a stubby was too short and fouled with the drive belt. So I snaked the flexible up though the access, past the drive belt and got the screws into the top of the head. I just hope I never have to do it again!


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      I've had one in the tool box . Difficult to hold the bit in the screw or bolt. It's a flexy-flyer. Might be ok in styrofoam. In wood you must predrill the screw size, all glue and then push the screw home and hope it holds. . an invention that under performs at it's best. Tom

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