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  • Altering renewing my need help

    I had an old compressor which was working but had motor problems ,and tatty looking and I wanted a more up to date, reliable and possibly less dangerous one. Anyway I bought a nice almost new tank with an almost new 4 horse power motor from a guy about an hour from Glasgow . I have a big rotary phase convertor which does up to seven and a half h p . The pump on his came in pieces but not complete with many extras in a box . I took the old pump and left it in it's box ,I removed the pump from the one I had and have fitted it to the new tank the wheel on it was ribbed and the new wheel was v belt type. I have not had the time to work on it for around eighteen months and this weekend have tried to do it justice. The old wheel fitted perfectly to the pump shaft which was tapered and finally held in the end of the spindle which was tapped out with a bolt and large washer. I tried every way I could to change the old ribbed wheel to vee, by setting it on the lathe and cutting it carefully. It was cast iron. My main problem was fitting it to the lathe it was easily ten inch and I have a 10 24 lathe, I finally fitted an expanding mandrel into it ,but it kept coming loose, so tried it on the faceplate but it kept giving me a fright, as I got it centred ok and cut away it was getting no where really that I felt happy with. I finally gave up and as said it lay waiting for another day ,or month, or so, lol.
    However having acquired a good collection of aluminium pulley wheels all more or less as new over the years I throw nothing out. I used too and found that sooner or later I ended up buying them when I need them all over again, despite having sworn I would never use them in the future.
    I finally gave up .
    And so and with the best skills I have, I took careful measurements and cut it on the lathe (it had a good deep boss and so it was an easy fit this time round) cutting it on the one side where it was straight , just before it tapered, as the taper was just under half way down the shaft needless to say at the front of the shaft .
    I set up a boring bar at the best angle I thought was appropriate and finally got it to where I was afraid keep cutting for fear of making it too big and wobbly. I took it up to my woodshop and tried it, it fitted surprisingly well but did not go all the way on. I took notice where the hole for the bolt Allan keyed type was on the side of the boss, and always returning it to the same place gently tapped it onto the spindle with light blows from a rubber mallet. I then removed it and where the shiney areas where I removed them with a large tungsten version of a dental tapered bit and eased very gently with very minimum strokes as my hands don't do filing any more each time I removed a few crumbs it fitted better, until it was home tightly. Then it was a question of lining up the motor with the both pulleys in perfect alignment for fitting the belt. All seems to be fine.

    My question NOW is the black pressure switch from my old one is for single phase! So will I need to renew this and buy a three phase one to suit the new motor? Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Assuming you are using a motor Starter (contactor/relay with overload) use the pressure switch in series with the starter coil. The starter contacts will switch the 3 phase.


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      Thank you Lakeside God Bless.Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease