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Hand files, carburizing: Clickspring

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  • Hand files, carburizing: Clickspring

    I'm posting this to ensure no-one misses these YouTube offerings.

    Many of us are aware of Clickspring and his series horological videos featuring marvelous hand work in metal

    Here are the latest installments of his Antikythera Mechanism series where he develops the resources he need to reproduce it:

    The first deals with making hand files from scratch

    Antikythera Fragment #3 - Ancient Tool Technology - Hand Cut Precision Files - YouTube

    And the second carburizing using basic tools and materials

    Antikythera Fragment #3 - Ancient Tool Technology - Hand Cut Precision Files - YouTube

    Chris sets a standard for production values, quality of content, and simple presentation most YouTube presenters can only dream of.
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    I second Forrest's statement about Clickspring.

    The video on the carburizing process is exceptional and should interest anyone who is interested in metal working. (Antikythera Fragments #4 - it's only 8 mins long - watch it !).

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      Its also worth mentioning that Clickspring has a patreon page. Hes done some really awesome work in the donors only section, and they are more than worth the small cost of donation.

      Unrelated, but if anybodys curious about the carbonizing, Green Beetle has some really awesome videos on his youtube page:

      Its a pretty handy knife making technique, only reason i know about it


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        Picked these up and watched them this morning, the guy is very skilled, and uses pure, simple common sense approach, I watch his videos with a sense of awe! Pure engineering excellence.
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