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    The video of the mill

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      Originally posted by malbenbut View Post
      Stick a brass strip into the table gouge with your name stamped on it.
      Actually, that might not be a bad idea...


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        If that gouge bothers you I would think one could take it a bit deeper and then inlay it with some flat CRS (.060" - .125") which sticks above the table by about .010" held in place with some (locktited) flat head screws the heads of which go into a partially countersunk hole (2/3 depth of screw head). Then flycut down to the table as near as you dare and finish by hand. If you can get just the slots in the screws above the surface to be cut when the screws are fully tightened you won't know they are there when the heads are cut off. With care I would think you could get to within a couple of thousandths of the table while cutting only the insert if the head is trammed well. Some coarse emery and some dykem would assist you in sanding down to (but not into) the table. And then maybe a fine finish with an orbital sander over both the insert and surrounding area of table while checking with an indicator.