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New Owner of a Bridgeport Mill - Now What?

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    New owner of a Bridgeport mill - now what?

    First wait for the condolance card from Sir John...


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      Just remember if flycutting say a head, tilt it about a half thou in 6 inches.
      Get an Indicol type holder for your DTI...... most used accessory for the mill.


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        I just bought my first Bridgeport a few months ago. I decided to tear mine pretty far down and clean it all up. I removed the head and rebuilt the variable drive system (thanks H&W) and replaced the motor bearings. Removed the table, saddle and knee and cleaned out 50 years of chips. Also thoroughly cleaned all lead screws and the 90deg gearbox. Then lubricated everything, replaced the way wipers and reassembled. Adjusted the lead screw nuts and got most of the backlash out. Removed the sliding ram and thoroughly cleaned it and it's rack and pinion drive gear. Also cleaned the tilt gear and greased very thing up and reassembled. Now it's so smooth and silky it'll run itself off the ram dovetails if I'm not careful turning the crank with one finger.

        The good thing about disassembly, cleaning everything and adjusting replacing anything that needs fixing is that you start off knowing your machine vey well. I know guys who have owned these machines for decades and now I actually know more about how they're put together than they do. It's a good start on learning how to use it.


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          I posted the short strokes here:

          Just be sure you pick the link that starts with "IMG".

          George gave a full procedure with screen shots in the Sticky post on posting photos.

          Originally posted by CCWKen View Post
          Wow! HSM photo hosting sucks!

          How do you get a real picture instead of a thumbnail image?

          How do you get anything?
          Paul A.
          SE Texas

          And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
          You will find that it has discrete steps.


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            If you're going to pick it up yourself, I highly recommend renting a drop deck trailer. The whole deck lowers to the ground so you can roll it off with a pallet jack. Put a couple of 4x4's under the base parallel to the table to increase the footprint sideways. Space them so the pallet jack slips in. Then lag bolt into them through the holes in the base. The only problem with the drop deck is the trailer is pretty heavy, so with a mill on it you're going to be close to 5K pounds on your hitch. I'd rent a pickup from U-haul for the day. After all, the strongest truck in the world is a rented truck.
            Stuart de Haro