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    Danger Will Robinson!

    Do not reach over a stopped lathe spindle, It could start at any moment. grabbing your long sleeves and ringed fingers from a distance. Reducing thehapless operator to pulp.

    Imagine the hazards!

    Damn MAN! Pay attention! It's your f^^k^n responsibility to protect yourself. Don't be crying your crying around me! I spent the day on a roof with hammers,. pry bars and bare rafters. 'could of fell 20 feet.
    No asking opinions from the safety police. Pay attention and put your tools where you want!



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      I have stored tools behind the lathe: in fact, I have pegboard there. But this thread has me thinking. I will review the things that are there and at least move any that I might want to use while the machine is running.

      And I may post a sign there to remind ME of MY policy on this.

      Keep these safety tips coming.

      Edit: I looked at the video and that set-up scares me. You not only have to reach, you have to stretch, probably a lot, to get to those tools on the peg board. I think that is a definite NO-NO.

      As for storing QC tool blocks, I intend to hang mine from the ceiling, probably on a Lazy Susan type mount. I am not to that point yet as I only have about eight QC tool blocks.
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      You will find that it has discrete steps.


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        At least my Southbend beltdrive 9 will slip before it hurts you too bad...
        My 7.5 hp just does not care.
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          Originally posted by Peter. View Post
          Use the space and turn the spindle off when you're reaching across. I keep loads of stuff on the wall behind my lathe.
          Wot he said.


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            I've got my oil cans and a block of wood that holds the MT2 centers and stuff for the tail stock mounted on the "back" wall of my own lathe. But these items are in an old index card drawer that is mounted on that wall down towards the tail stock.

            I did it this way both for safety as well as to keep the drawer away from being filled up with swarf and flung oil from the chuck or off the cutter.
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              In a perfect world, its best not to store anything behind any machine, safety first , cleanness second but in most home shops I see ,space is at a premium. I do store on shelfs and racks about 6 inches south of the chuck , and have a fully captured small tray with sides on the headstock, for commonly used items such as scales and mic's. I also stop and shift into netrual regardless when ever I need to reach over or check size.


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                I have a shelf with holes for most of the tailstock tooling. But it's at the tailstock end. It holds various sizes of drill chucks (one is kept loaded with a center drill) and various centers. I also have drawers in my base at the headstock and tailstock end for holding tooling. These drawer sections came from an old metal desk I salvaged and incorporated into the stand when I built it. The drawers are very handy and full.