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Lathes: Taig vs Grizzly 7"x12"?

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  • Lathes: Taig vs Grizzly 7"x12"?


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    You will hear more on the subject, I am sure, but for starters, I will say the Taig, and Sherline are good machines. Taig is probably more realistically priced.
    The Grizzly is also a good machine, and is a very good value.
    The big difference is that the Grizzly is a real screw cutting lathe, that takes real lathe size tooling. It has power longitudinal feed, a 3/4 HP motor and weighs 75#.
    In the long run, you will be able to accomplish more with the Grizzly with less, and tooling will be easier to find and cheaper.
    For the most part tooling for Taig & Sherline must be bought from the manufacturer, while Grizzly,etc. is available in quantity on the used market.
    For myself, if I were to look for a small lathe in that price range, I would look in the used market for a good 6" Atlas, or 9 or 10 inch Atlas or Southbend. My preference, much more bang for the buck.
    Jim H.


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      Taig is a good machine, it is often used by wood workers turning pens and other small itmes. Lee Valley Tools sells both metal and wood working accesories for the Taig. I do not know how pricing is in comparison to buy from Taig but Lee Valley is a super company to deal with. I had a tool fail 18 months after purchase and they still refunded my money in full because the item was no longer available.

      The Taig has one failing - threadcutting. But many have worked around that - see "Nick Carter's Taig page"

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