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Or 12 volt bat hookup for wench

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    Originally posted by steve herman View Post
    I have a wench Iwant to set up on my truck in a stand alone set up i.e. No taping into the truck wiring. The wench has a remote and two red wires that are to be taped into a hot wire on the ign. Switch. The question. is could I hook these to the stand alone battery ? The wires have a 17 amp fuse an the battery is some 60 amps.

    Seriously you can have a seperate battery that is charged buy your truck but the winch won't run your starter battery down, kind of like how a diode works. I was lucky to find a front hitch for my Dodge 1 ton so the winch is on a mount with a trailer hitch fitting & can go in the front hitch, rear hitch or on the 12' flatbed to load things, it's a 12,000# Harbor freight with a wired & wireless control. I keep it in a box & use 2/0 cable with Andersen connectors. Keep in mind winches have much more power when the drum is almost empty of cable & always hang some coats, jackets from the cable in case it breaks it doesn't cut you in two as the wooden 170'+ glider pilots were when the tow planes cut loose the tow cable & cut many complete glider crews in half as the glider pilot was suppose cut the connection. With the wireless control you & your wench san stay safely 250' away while operating your winch. I have a 9,000 Ramsey I use on a trailer. Good luck winching you wench