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Do/Don't Ball Screws Have Wear?

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    As a ball screw will move under load it will be dependent on the magnitude of the load and its directions.

    As a screw is used to "push" or "pull" a load the reaction/s of the screw (reaction/s) will be rotation, compression, pull/push.
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      I worked a bit ( a long time ago) on automotive driveline production machines, running 2 or 3 shifts,"365" days cycling every 15 seconds or so ( typical)
      The outer loop displacement feedback was independent of the ballscrew.
      The 4 quadrant motor control had some basic analog and uprocessor intelligence to halve its velocity iteratively at waypoints close to setpoints to
      increase displacement accuracy as the ballscrew wore out and to reduce shock and wear on it and motor.
      As the recirculating ballscrews and printed motors wore out, they were just replaced as spare parts.
      Sometimes, I recall, we got some back and cut open to see.
      They were not repairable parts.


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        Originally posted by wierdscience View Post
        Cool,am I seeing right it uses straight shank tooling and a master collet arrangement of some sort?
        Yes - strait shank. K&T used this system for a few years. The newer generation ( like the 800) used a smaller version of this style. (mechanically barcoded too)

        This is our spare spindle guts..