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precision boring on bench mill

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    I would try high speed, hand sharpened just in case. You can tweak nose rad and other factors.
    Easiest way , if you are using cross hole, bore a piece of cold roll bar that fits cutter and boring head, fasten cutter with flush setscrews or slit the bar. Remember to take approx 1/2 height of HSS tool off to be on centre. Worth a try


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      Well, here was my first thought, if you're sleeving an engine cylinder, you'll have to finish the bore, also, no? That's more critical than the bore in the block. I suppose you could finish the block with a hone, since you'll have to have one for the bore, but if you want the rings to seat, you'll have to have a nice finish. Back in my mis-spent youth we routinely left .002-.003 to finish with the Sunnen hone. And, it was a nicely finished hole, bored by a Kwik-way boring bar in nice shape. I think you're up against a rock here.
      I cut it off twice; it's still too short
      Oregon, USA