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Ot vw diesel scandal, nobody did it

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    Back in '04 VW had a major snafu with their turbo diesels.Wifey had a Jetta.Long story short,there was a emissions part taking a dump(being polite).I did all the research.The part failed @36-50 k miles.Putting it just out of warranty.Except,emission parts have to be warranted for 100k to sell a car in the US.

    I used to run the dog doodoo out of that car.Wife would get so mad.The funny thing was,she got to 80k miles before the part fell off.This is no small problem,the cars were DRT.Online research gave the owners a clue as to how the dealer handled the problem.Sure enough,we take it in and the series of BS excuses and run around went down EXACTLY like other owners documented.

    The deal was,VW never made a replacement part,well not in the numbers necessary to fix EVERY dang one.There was a class action law suit that got shuffled under the rug implying,VW was too big to fail?So,when their latest little screw up surfaced.....just sayin,they already had their free pass.

    The Jettas were just a PIA,the bugs required engine removal,that is if you wanted to weld/fabricate/install the part.Which I was gonna do.Asked wifey,she said absolutely not.It was in her mind a new car and backyard engineering,regardless the expertise just pissed her off more.I bandaided the POS and took it to a dealer,trading in on a Subaru.
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