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Tin mining might be returning to Cornwall

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  • Tin mining might be returning to Cornwall

    "On the road to Camborne, which still lends its name to the nearby School of Mines, stands a newer, freshly painted metal pithead, marking the entrance to the South Crofty tin mine.

    Strongbow Exploration, a Canadian listed company, has ambitious plans to reopen the mine and dig up the high-grade tin at its deeper levels."

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    The price of tin has skyrocketed in the last decade... so it make sense. I know that as the price of metals has risen some companies have made money by going back over the tailings that were too poor to extract 50 years ago.


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      I had a tour of the last Cornish tin mill a few weeks ago. It's purpose was to extract the remaining small quantities of tin from the spoil from the local mines. It stands in a fairly dilapidated state undergoing very slow restoration, sadly hampered by a serious flood a couple of years ago when the local stream flooded. It was quite an interesting tour, apparently this mine was where the Holman shaking table was invented.

      The whole mill was powered by water wheel right into the 1980's, according to the tour guide.
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        There was an article in Todays newspaper and it said the water rights from the mine were bought as it contains Lithium. Hope local folks get some work out of this.
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          Poldark !!!