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    Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
    Do we really want to enter into that kind of a mind?
    Good point. I hope this doesn't derail your thread, but I had a similar experience recently. I was selling a car, and three buyers didn't turn up. One kept messaging me over several hours saying he was waiting for a friend, then waiting for a bus, on his way, etc. Changed my plans so that I would be home for the evening, and then silence.

    People aren't what they used to be


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      Pinstripe - it's epidemic, and it's not just the buyers - it's the sellers!

      so many times in the local paper or on craigs list, it's like im having to cater to them even though they are the ones selling, and when you finally do get a hold of them their all lethargic and wishy washy and acting like your a major inconvenience because you asked a question or two about it --------- so much so that iv had to say "hey - are you not running an add to sell your vehicle? do you want to sell it or not? --- if you change your mind give me a call - no wait don't im not interested anymore"

      for one - how are you going to get an honest answer out of some of these sloths anyways... people aren't what they used to be is right - understatement of the year...


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        I sent a heads up e-mail to second runner up - told him no promises - yet - and gave him the options I would be including -------- and he's got 5 times the experience over me and also told him either way im open for some learning advise,
        that includes selling it out from underneath the guy who's being disrespectful to me, (although i did not tell him that) I will take the hit in my 100% rating and then recover, what I won't do is be manipulated by a flake - I think he thinks the balls in his court and it's not - I still have the item and I can do what I want with it...

        if he does pay at the end of the week maybe I will make him squirm for awhile before I send his funds back,,,

        Im one of the fairest guys to get along with and will go way out of my way, but don't fuque with me.


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          I want to give him till the end of today and then offer the second chance bid to the guy he was bidding against,

          Here are Ebay rules concerning Second chance offers

          read the sellers tips, if you are still within the buyers grace period (7 days) you can only make the second chance offer if you have more than one item to sell. I know you want to sell this item, but you're probably gonna have to wait until Ebay goes through the process. A pain in the butt and time consuming I know having just gone through it, but to safeguard yourself probably the best course.
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