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Looking for bandsaw blade guide drawings

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  • Looking for bandsaw blade guide drawings

    Background info:

    The blade guides on my little Olson horizontal bandsaw are trashed. Actually, the whole saw may be tweaked beyond my ability to repair it... (I wasn't paying attention a couple years ago when I bought it.)

    I tried to rebuilt the guides that were on it, but they're too far gone, and were marginal at best when new. I've got 6 good ball bearings, and that's about it.

    Jump to the chase:

    I've been searching online for blade guide drawings/plans, but haven't come up with any. Has anybody here made their own guides? Does anybody have a set of drawings/plans, or know where to come up with them? I have a mill & lathe, but very little time on them, so simpler is gooder.

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    Not really sure what you are asking, on my WellSaw the bearings are the guides. A picture of what you have might help.


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      There are no band saw guides that are so "trashed as to not serve as a fine start on building better and more suitable devices. Rollers are not the last word, but in a metal cutting lay down saw, they have merits.

      Take a look at DoAll, Marvel or just about any saw maker's stock products. Then sketch out something that fits your mounting.
      It's not rocket surgery!


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        Some times I go to the companies that make tools of the same size and grab their for free dimensions PDF.

        What size is your saw? I have a 7" and could take pictures if you want. With a scale next to it for sizing.

        The saw sounds like a keeper. I havent heard of the name but like it. It kinda reminded me of a wood saw I saw

        Pics would be great. Send them to my email (its public for our members) JR
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          The link below goes to a site that sells lots of different types of band saw blade guides. Each type of guide has a video parts breakdown. Maybe you'll get some ideas from them.

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            Originally posted by Mike Burdick View Post
            Go to this site:


            They have videos and part breakdowns for lots of band saw blade guides so you'll get a good idea of what's available.
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              I'm a little confused as well. Horizontal metal bandsaws typically twist the blade to a 45 as it passes through the cutting area. And the "guides" on all the saws of this sort I've seen were ball bearings mounted on pins that are part of the "guide". So why would you not simply use the existing ones as patterns for any new ones you make? You'd want to see what the blade is doing for starters so you get the ability to hold the twist such that the saw cuts straight and true. But other than either correcting the present guides or using them as examples to make new ones that incorporate the corrections I don't seen any issue.


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                The Ellis Saw Co has picture of theirs on their web sight.



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                  Originally posted by Hal View Post
                  The Ellis Saw Co has picture of theirs on their web sight.
                  Great site Hal, thanks!

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                    Take a look at the guides on a Wellsaw 1118.We have one at work,it uses double row ball bearings to guide the blade into the cutting guides which are carbide faced steel blocks-


                    In 10+ years of running this saw in a commercial environment the carbide guides have never needed any maintenance beyond cleaning.
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                      Reading the original post again I think I may be seeing what Chris is after. The old saw used guide blocks or "something" to guide and twist the blade. Those are worn out and now he wants to make new guides that use ball bearings.

                      Chris, is that the situation?


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                        Rather amazing how many questions don't need to be asked when we get a picture in post #1.



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                          Especially since I did Google, Bing, and Duckduck searches for Olsen horizontal band saw and got absolutely ZERO relevant results.

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                            It should be Olson, not Olsen. I did find several photos of Olson horizontal bandsaws, none with a good enough detail of the guides however.
                            Not that a bandsaw or it's blade guide is a proprietary item. What works in one brand will undoubtedly work for another, the blade doesn't care.
                            Do a Google images search for bandsaw blade guides and you'll end up with lots of ideas that can be adapted to various brands and applications.
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                              Google "Olson saw" images down part way on the page.

                              It looks kind of like a Craftsman # 101 ? and it sold under a couple other names.