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Milling of Lathe or lathing on a mill

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  • Milling of Lathe or lathing on a mill

    In the past we had some discussion about doing some milling on stuff while on a lathe.

    I tried the inverse of this. I have one of those cheap Chinese 5C indexers, and decided to mill some "hold down slots" in it and so far I have half of a "hand lathe" on my little milling machine. I am looking for a tail stock to add to this attempt at Rube Goldberg engineering.

    I had nothing to do for the last couple of hours so I did this. WE are going to see AVP a little later.

    One warning, about the indexer, the base wasn't flat, fo I had to grind it flat. This is just toying around with my HF type stuff. Once I have this figured out I will try this on my knee mill.


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    I have a little bigger mill/drill but I have thought about buying 2 identical indexers and use one for a tail stock. I was going to buy a dividing head with tail stock and then realized I would not have much room between the dividing head and the tail stock. My table is longer than yours but not long enough for what I wanted to do. I would like to flute some gun barrels. What do some of you more experienced guys think of my idea. Sorry Jerry I don't mean to take over your topic but it reminded me of an earlier thought. I hate to leave one of these thoughts I may never think of it again.


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      Hey, I would like to know how to flute a barrel on a smaller mill. The two indexers would be a great idea for a lot of things. But you are right it doesn't leave much room on the mill/drill size of machines.